At all times, humanity has sought to learn new and unknown things. Curiosity has driven us to discover new worlds, going beyond borders and expanding horizons.
In the modern world, with the development of technology, means of transportation and with the increase in the material wealth of the population, tourism has become available and rooted in our lives as a way of recreation, knowledge, entertainment and wellness.

Youth tourism

There are a large number of types of tourism, from sightseeing to gastronomic. But we will look at the most popular ones:
Sightseeing tourism, also educational, is one of the most common types. It serves as a goal for emotional and physical relief through visiting excursions, entertainment events and relaxing holidays.
Health tourism-a tourist chooses a vacation in order to restore or improve their health in various resort and sanatorium institutions with the use of mineral waters, mud baths, with the help of environmental and climatic conditions. Modern destinations such as spa, wellness and fitness are also common.
Sports tourism, often extreme – this category can include cycling, water, mountain, hiking, skiing and other varieties. It involves overcoming any natural obstacles and difficulties on the route. This improves the athletic condition of a person.
Sea tourism – tourism carried out on cruise ships or liners with a full range of entertainment and services. Usually, the trip is carried out on a given route with a call at ports for excursions and leisure activities. We can say that in the Middle Ages, thanks to such a type of tourism as navigation, many discoveries were made.
Business tourism is a great opportunity to combine professional activities and fuel an interest in travel. Companies send their employees on corporate trips and business trips with business tasks. One of their main goals is to hold meetings, trainings, negotiations, attract investment, motivate employees, and others.
Pilgrimage tourism is another ancient type of tourism. At all times, it has been a tradition to visit holy places for prayer and worship. In the modern world, this direction of tourism can be made, both for religious worldviews, and because of curiosity and excursions. Perhaps, these are the main and most popular types of tourism. But there are still a large number of them, because the imagination of a person has no boundaries and over time, they will become even more.